Fabian Mehring

Dr. Fabian Mehring


Bavarian State Minister for Digital Affairs

Dr. Fabian Mehring has been Bavaria’s State Minister for Digital Affairs since November 2023. As the head of the nation’s first Digital Ministry, he directs the digital transformation of administration and economy in the Free State. As the CIO of the Bavarian State Government, the minister also represents the Free State at the federal level, for example, on the IT Planning Council or in the Digital Ministers’ Conference. Mehring focuses particularly on four areas:

(i) the further development of the Bavarian administration into a modern, innovative, and digital state and optimizing the interface between citizens, municipalities, and the economy with the authorities,

(ii) the accelerated expansion of digital infrastructure in the Free State,

(iii) the digital transformation of the Bavarian economy, especially in terms of future technologies such as artificial intelligence, and

(iv) the promotion of digital education and participation – also and especially in rural areas.