Robert Hansen


Cybersecurity Expert

Robert Hansen, also known as RSnake, is an American computer security expert, entrepreneur, and researcher, who played a significant role in the discovery of security threats like Slowloris and Clickjacking. His career includes senior positions at notable companies such as eBay and founding SecTheory and Bit Discovery, which were eventually acquired by Tenable Inc.

Hansen is recognized for his contributions to IT security research, including the development of the Fierce DNS Enumeration Tool and introducing new methods for bypassing XSS filters. He has spoken at prominent conferences like Black Hat and DEF CON and was a member of the Black Hat Speaker Review Board.

In addition to his technical expertise, Hansen has also made strides in media production, serving as an executive producer of the film “Lion Spy” and creator of “The RSnake Show” podcast. His straightforward and incisive approach to tackling complex security issues has made him a valued speaker and thought leader in the world of computer security.