Stephanie zu Guttenberg


Author and entrepreneur Stephanie zu Guttenberg has been a renowned expert and speaker on a wide range of digital education topics for over 20 years. Media such as the Rheinische Post describe her as “spirited and eloquent, combative and persuasive”.

Her work focuses on the opportunities, risks and challenges of the digital transformation for children and society. Guttenberg was born in Munich and grew up bilingual – Swedish and German. She speaks five languages. The mother of two also lived with her family in the USA for ten years, where she gained in-depth experience of the education system there. She has also had numerous other international experiences in France, Great Britain and Sweden. Today, zu Guttenberg is passing on this in-depth expertise to proactively promote digital development, education and engagement. Her appeal: “Together, we can and should use digital development to create a better society!”

Stephanie zu Guttenberg is not afraid to address dangers such as cyberbullying, fake news and child pornography. At the same time, however, it is also important to her to initiate a positive and proactive approach to digital possibilities, to break down fears of contact and to learn a new way of using the Internet.